Naokhali Govt. Girls High School

Noakhali Government Girls High School History

Noakhali government girls’ high school is situated at the heart of Noakhali district in Maijdee. This high school had major influence in women education over the last 60 years. Although the school started its journey officially in 1962 it also has a history prior to that. The school operated under various names before 1962, namely as “Government Girls M I School” and “Uma Girls High School”. Government Girls M I School was also known as Sadar Government M I.

Government Girls M I School

This school used to operate from grade one to grade six. In 1926 during British rule the school was located near the sea at the borderline of old Noakhali city. During the Second World War the whole country was in chaos. There was uncooperative movement with the British throughout the country and the whole nation was in a chaotic situation. During this time the senior and experienced teachers of the school left Noakhali for India. This resulted in a shortage of teachers in the school which also made the Muslim women in the country to fall back in educational progress. During that time some courageous women pushing aside superstition in the society took the responsibility to operate the school. Just as the situation was getting better another calamity struck. In 1986 the old Noakhali city faced river erosion. Most of the city including other offices and the school got washed away into the river. After this the school along with other offices got shifted to Maijdee. During this time the city of Maijdee was just being built and as there was no proper school building, the school started its operation under a corrugated roof room.


Uma Girls High School

Except Sadar Government M I School the other school that operated for only women was Uma Girls High School. This school was a private high school where education was given from seventh grade to tenth grade. It was known that in 1935 Uma girls high school was established. During that time there was a district judge in Noakhali named Gyanankur Dey during his stay in Noakhali his daughter passed sixth grade but at that time in Noakhali there was no high school for the judge to admit his daughter. So he took the initiative to establish the high school. The school got its name “Uma Girls High School” from the wife of the judge who was known as Uma Devi. Uma Girls High School during the erosion of the old Noakhali city was relocated with Government M I school to Maijdee.

This school was operated under the guidance of Miss Preeti Bose. Although she is no longer present today but her memories remain within the heart of every student. During Pakistan Government rule the decision was taken to establish a school in every District. This decision resulted in the culmination of the addition of two schools namely government girls M I school and Uma Girls High School into Noakhali Government Girls High School. The Noakhali Government Girls High School is playing an exceptionally important role in women education with excellent results from students.



Noakhali Government Girls’ High School is a girls’ school in Noakhali Sadar Upazila, Noakhali District, Bangladesh, established in 1934 by late Uma Devi. Uma Devi, third wife of Late Raja Ram Mohon Roy founded a school in Maijdee for the girls’ education. It was upgraded to a government school in 1963. Now it is considered as one of the prominent schools in the Noakhali district. Noakhali Government Girls’ High School is situated in the centre of Maijdee town.